Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Norwex Products!

So, a few months ago, I attended a Norwex party hosted by a friend on our ward. It caught my attention because not only did they say they could cut cleaning time down, but it mentioned cleaning without chemicals. Andy and I have been talking about how much chemicals we use to clean and that it was so bad for us. So, when I saw the information, I decided to attend. Anyway, the products seemed amazing! This is what I learned:

1. Microfiber is more tightly woven so it has been tested to remove 99% of bacteria.
2. There is silver lining in their antibac material and this kills the bacteria in the towel. My towels always started to stink after a few days but these towels don't! In fact, you probably really only need to wash them every 2 weeks.
3. You can use just the enviro cloth and their window cloth to clean all mirrors and windows. It will be streak free without the use of windex. Also, I personally saw how easily it removes butter from the mirrors. It was soo easy!! And the cloth didn't even feel greasy. :)
4. The cleaning products they do have are organic.

Anyway, I've used a few of the products so far and this is what I love:
**Enviro cloths - I use these to clean the counters and to wipe the sinks in the bathroom. I love it because the towels haven't started to stink! Our towels usually seem to get stinky withing a few days, however, I have used the enviro cloth for the past few days and they do not smell stinky at all. Plus, in the bathroom especially, it's nice to know that the bacteria is being removed every time I'm wiping the sink area that I feel like it's constantly being cleaned. Now we really won't have to deep clean the sinks. :)
**Body Cloth - I use this to try our hands and to wipe our face. Previously, our towel would start to get a "crusty" feel to it and we knew it needed to be washed...this would be after a few days. Well, I've used the body cloth for the past few days and no "crusty" feeling yet. Plus, no stinky smell as well.
**Descaler - I used their descaler to clean of the lime build up and rust on my shower track area. It was so EASY!!! The best thing is that I didn't smell a thing!!! At least, I did not notice any chemical smells. It was nice. :)
**Cleaning paste - what a nice easy way to get our chrome clean!!!

Anyway, that's all so far. I'm barely started using their dryer balls and detergent. They seem to work well so far but I've only used it once, so we'll see how it goes as I use it more. I do have friends that absolutely love these items as well. In fact, a friend said that her son would break out in a rash on his arms...well, with the Norwex detergent, he no longer has those break outs...I just thought that was amazing!

I'm very excited about these products and the fact that I can remove the chemicals from my home. I just recently signed up as a independent sales consultant so if you are interested in learning more or trying out the products, please let me know! Also, here is a video that introduces their popular starter package.


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